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I Have Your Back

21814_170024_6572_imageThis Sunday (2-28-2016), I woke to a gorgeous day full of sunshine and a slight wind. I made my way to church and had a very good morning of worship, fellowship, and learning. It was a blessed morning for sure but one of the most unexpected blessings came after our Sunday morning worship.

Realizing that it was going to be such a beautiful day I messaged my wife that I would like her to bring some clothing for me to ride my bike home (Yes, sometimes I leave my bicycle in my office…you never know when you might need it). Being the amazing wife that she is, she brought me my clothes and some lunch to tie me over from church (she is the best). I then changed into my clothes, said my goodbyes to the few still lingering at the church and headed to my office to pick up my bicycle.

Once I started getting ready for my 11.2 mile journey home I suddenly realized a few things. I did not have my water bottle, the air pressure in my tires were a bit low, and after checking my weather app realized that there was a wind advisory out. I knew that the bike ride was relatively short so I was not worried about having water but the weather and low pressure in the tires worried me.

You see, I have read stories of bicyclists being killed by strong gusts pushing the cyclist into oncoming traffics (not a pretty picture) and having low pressure in your tires not only causes you to work harder but the tires have the possibility of popping on you. There were real concerns to be considered but the amazing beautiful weather was beckoning me to ride and the call was to strong to ignore.

I started out my ride and within seconds I realized that I was dropping down to larger gears quicker (going fast). I chalked it up to having “fresh legs” and kept going. After about 5-minutes I passed a flag that was going crazy and I saw it as strange because I hardly felt the wind at all and then it hit me…I had one of the most EPIC tail winds ever. After a bit of laughter and an audible “this is going to be fun!” I dropped down on my handle bars and gave my bike all that I had. It was amazing I flew through the streets with great ease. I was able to reach top speeds easily on the straight aways and I was able to attack hills like a professional. By the way, I was able to cover 11.2 miles in about 35-minutes (very fast for me) and as I rode I could not stop thinking about the hawks that my son and I saw the day before. My son asked me, “Dad, why is that bird just staying in one place in the sky?” I was able to share with him about how the wind was allowing the hawk to truly soar and how I imagined how that hawk must have been having the time of his life riding on such an amazing air current.

Did you catch the God sighting?! Isaiah 40:31 states, “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Today this scripture truly came alive to me in a real and tangible way. I was anxious about the bike ride (more then I would like to admit) but I said a prayer petitioning for protection and God came through! When we put our full trust in God, God strengthens us and allows us to soar like an eagle or in this case…soar like a cyclist with a crazy awesome tailwind.  When weary has us crippled and fear has us knocked down our God comes alongside, lifts us up, and never leaves us alone. So next time when you feel like you are all alone remember that in all situations God has your back.

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