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Bigger Then Me

On June 24, 2016 at 7pm I started a twenty-four hour bicycle ride in order to raise funds for cancer research. It was amazing, tough, hard, cold, blazing hot, emotional, and one of the most awesome events I had ever been a part of. I had the privilege of riding in memory of two friends who lost their battle to cancer and it felt great to be able to raise over $700 to help find a CURE for cancer.

Up to this point I had never rode the coveted century (100-miles). It was always a goal of mine but due to busy schedules, lack of training, and so on, I never hit the 100 mile mark.  My friend Noah and I rode from 7pm till 3am with minimum stops to finally accomplish my first ever century ride. I was emotional and overwhelmed that I had finally accomplished something that I tried to do for so long. It took a lot of encouragement from a seasoned rider (Noah) and a cause much bigger then myself to push towards a goal I thought I would never accomplish. Not only did I accomplish this goal but after a few hours of sleep I was able to go on to ride a total of 151 miles.

Sometimes it takes something bigger then ourselves to accomplish something amazing. As Christians, we strive to not only understand this concept but to live it out. Our calling to go and make disciples to all nations makes it impossible to simply think about ourselves and sometimes it takes major life events for us to be reminded of this truth. Our Lord and savior has called all of us to make a difference in this world so why not take a leap of faith and do something bold? I took my passion for cycling and my love for my friends and I truly believe that God gave me the gift of endurance so that God might be glorified through my actions.

I carried this momentum onward to complete a 160-mile bike ride across Indiana and I joined up with Team World Vision to run a full marathon to bring clean water to Africa later this year. Leaps of faith come in all different forms. I am simply using my passion and gifts to hopefully make a difference to the lost and hurting of this world.

God bless not only my efforts but those of your people who strive to live out a life centered towards you.


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