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Why am I so tired…oh, that is why!

My family and I decided to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and we just finished watching the second movie of the series. There is a part in the movie where Captain Jack Sparrow says, “why is the rum always gone?” He then tries to stand up and after stumbling a bit says, “Oh, that is why.” The rum is always gone because he continues to drink it. How many times in our lives have we made statements such as these: “Why am I so tired?” “I wish I had more energy.” “I am tired of being tired,” and “I just do not understand why I am so exhausted!” Just like Jack Sparrow we know that we are exhausted and tired but we fail to make the connection.

Last week I had one of the busiest and most amazing weeks of the year, which has left me depleted and exhausted. This exhaustion has lead me to a time of reflection on not only the true need of a Sabbath (day of rest) but a reflection on how our society favors those who live a busy/exhausted life. It feels good to be productive, it feels good to have things to do, and at times it feels good to let busyness distract us from the harder things in life but is this the life that God wants for us?

As a disciple of Jesus I am trying to be the best student I can but I keep forgetting/ignoring some of the most basic teachings of Jesus. Jesus when overwhelmed and overworked often times found a quite place to pray. God has taught us time and time again that we were not made to work without ceasing…that one was actually prayer if you were curious. If rest was an important part of creation and an important part of the life of Jesus, why do we feel like rest should not be an important part of our lives?

If you are looking for permission to find time to “find a quite place,” you have found it J We all have responsibilities and important work to do in the life of our jobs, families, and the Kingdom but to continue to do that work we must take care of ourselves and find comfort in the gift of rest that God has given us.

As always, thank you for reading and if you would excuse me…I am going to go take a nap.







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