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Weekly Reflection for all Ages – 8/5/18

This week read on your own or with family members: Exodus 3 & 4. Reflection Questions: Those with “*” are particularly friendly for families with school-aged children.

*Summarize: What happened in each chapter?

*What was God’s plan? What was Moses’ role/job?

*How many times did Moses resist his role in God’s plan? What were his concerns?

It has been said that Moses was concentrating on the wrong “I.” He was focused on himself saying, “I can’t do that,” instead of concentrating on God who says, “I can.” When has there been a time when you focused on the limitations of a situation or yourself instead of on the limitless power and resources of God?

The Bible is filled with powerful friendships. Even Jesus says He is our friend. How did the friendship between Aaron and Moses make a difference in God’s plan and Moses’ job in God’s plan?

*Like Moses, what have you been finding excuses not to do? How could a friend help you?

*Like Aaron, to whom can you be a good enough friend to help them do something important or hard?

Prayer: Pray this week for the courage to answer God’s next call in your life. Pray for God to show you to whom you can become a friend like Aaron was to Moses.


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