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Weekly Reflection for all Ages 8/12/18

Samuel starts as an assistant to the priest. He moves on to be a judge and chieftain to God’s people. He is a prophet and advisor who sees them through their war with the Philistines. He is the one to anoint Israel’s first King. From assistant to God’s prophet to a nation. How does this progression happen? By practicing hard things. We see the first step in Chapter 3.

A great deal of research, especially by writer and professor Angela Duckworth, shows that “GRIT” is perhaps the greatest key to success in life. It is the practice of persevering over and over again. So often we see this practice really taking hold in 4th grade, but then requiring intentionality throughout our lives especially in older age.

This week:
Read 1 Samuel 3 and 1 Samuel 7. Consider these questions throughout the week. Discuss them with your family at dinner or on car rides.
*Questions that can be helpful with young families

*What happened in 1 Samuel 3? What happened in 1 Samuel 7?
*What “hard thing” did Samuel have to do in chapter 3? Why was it difficult? What helped him do it?
*What hard things did Samuel do in chapter 7? Why were they difficult? What helped him do them?
Compare and contrast the work of Samuel in both chapters. What do you imagine contributed to his maturation process as a servant of God?
*Why is learning to do hard things important? What is often our human response when we fail or something is hard? What lessons do we learn through Samuel’s life about practicing hard things?
*What hard things are facing you right now? What do you need to persevere? Consider Samuel’s story and other scripture in your answer.

Prayer and practice this week:
Pray for a spirit of perseverance in your own life and the life of the church.
Notice how you respond to challenges and failures. Practice listening for God’s voice and finding an opportunity to “do it again.”
Reflect upon how difficult challenges have equipped you for new adventures!


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