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Weekly Reflection for all Ages 8/19/18

David and Goliath is a favorite story. The underdog wins by defeating the bully. If you read the story, you hear David getting advice and pressure from a plethora of voices. David has to wade his way through the voices and stay true to the voice of God within himself. He has to stay true to the call of God in his life.

We too are always wading through a plethora of voices, whether we’re a person in school or an adult navigating the world. Advice and pressure come to us in obvious and more subtle ways. Some are societal pressures and expectations. Some come from peer pressure at every age. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is the result of adult peer pressure, and adults do try to keep up in so many areas of life. How do we listen to the inner voice of God and follow His lead?

This week: Read 1 Samuel 17 and reflect on the following questions.
*Questions that can easily be used with youth and younger children

*What was the struggle in this chapter?
*Make a list of each time David received advice, ridicule, or pressure from someone. What was said and who said it?
*Make a list of the advice, ridicule or pressure you have felt or heard this week. What was said or expressed and by whom?
Arreguín-Toft wondered, what happens when the underdogs acknowledge their weaknesses and choose an unconventional strategy? He believes this is what happened with David. Do you agree?
*How does David respond to all the voices and pressures? What role does God play?
*Name a giant in your life.
*What does this story teach us about facing giants in our lives?

Prayer and practice this week:
Pray while being still and listening to God for 2 minutes each day. Picture God in your mind. Take deep breaths. Ask God to speak, and just be still. When your mind wanders, repeat the directions.


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