The mission of Castleton United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


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We offer two Sunday Morning services to fit your schedule:

9 am – Traditional
11 am – Contemporary

Our hope is that you will be assisted and blessed by the ministries that we offer. Our goal is to be a welcoming congregation where people are excited about Jesus Christ. We hope to equip and enable all ages to engage in a lifestyle of servant leadership. We strive to be a group of people who are enthusiastic about our personal spiritual growth, who are committed to service and mission in our community and who want to impact and change the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We would love to have you become a part of our church family. We offer a variety of ministries that cater to individuals, and families of all ages.  We are an inclusive church that values diversity. We are confident that you will find a friendly, warm, loving, Christ-centered, Bible preaching and teaching place to plug in and get involved.


Our mission is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”
This mission was given to us by Jesus in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).


We are called to be an outward facing circle of people; seeking, reaching, and welcoming others to join us in serving Jesus Christ.


Missions / Outreach

We are called by Jesus Christ:

  • To become a prayer empowered church, spreading the love and light to all,
  • To build strong Christ-centered families and individuals,
  • To impact our community and our world through missions and outreach.

More About Castleton UMC

There are no exclusively United Methodist doctrines. Although we have distinctive emphasis, we have no affirmations that are not also believe by other Christian groups. United Methodist Christians have traditionally proclaims the following emphases.

What is different or distinctive about being a United Methodist?
  • The availability of God’s grace for all
  • The essential unity of faith and works
  • Salvation as personal and social
  • The Church as a community of Christ’s disciples who seek to share in God’s mission; the inseparability of knowledge (intellect), and vital piety (devotion to religious duties and practices) as components of faith.
  • Seeking holiness of heart and life both as individuals and in our society
  • A cooperative ministry and mission in the world, often referred to as “connectionalism”
  • The link between Christian doctrine and Christian living
What is required of me to be a United Methodist?
  • Baptism ushers you into the Christian church universal, the family of Christ.  If you have not been baptized you will be asked to repent of your sins and profess your faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Christian Faith as contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.  You will also be asked to promise to “keep God’s holy will and commandments and walk in the same all the days of your life as a faithful member of Christ’s holy church.”
  • For a full list of beliefs and stances on issues, please visit the United Methodist What We Believe Website.

Prayer Our strategy is to utilize the power of prayer as the foundation for creativity and innovation for everything that we do to proclaim Jesus Christ and to strengthen the church.

Mission / Outreach – Our plan is to impact our community and world through our members and constituents sharing their spiritual gifts, talents, and resources in the community through acts of ministry and service.

Worship – Our focus in worship is to be God honoring, Christ-centered, and Holy Spirit inspired. We want people to experience the presence and power of God as we encounter Christ through worship.

Evangelism – Our goal is to assist people in accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior and lord.

Discipleship – Our approach is to provide a “discipleship pathway” that will serve as a road map for Christian growth and maturity.

Fellowship – Our commitment is to offer everyone warm, welcoming, hospitality, after the example of Jesus Christ; in order that we can build caring relationships through authentic Christian fellowship.

The true measure of success in God’s Kingdom is obedience.  Jesus has promised that if we are faithful in lifting him up he will draw (attract) people.  When we are faithful we will see an increase in a diverse group of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • We encourage and invite people to actively engage in Small Group fellowship and Bible Study.
  • We encourage and challenge people to intentionally grow in their faith. 
  • We encourage our members to become conduits for God’s blessings to flow through by becoming prayer saturated individuals.
  • We encourage and challenge all to use their gifts and talents to serve our community and our world beyond the walls of the local church.

We cannot be all things to all people so we choose to be “Jesus Centered.”

We invite new members to join the church several time each year.

A series of membership classes will familiarize you with United Methodist beliefs and practices, as well as, providing an understand of how our church is structured so you can get involved in ways allowing you to live out your commitment to Christ and the Church. It is expected that those who take the vows of church membership will be committed to
on-going growth in their faith through:

  1. Worship
  2. Small Group Study
  3. Service

It is also expected that new members will commit to support the church through their:

  1. Prayers (Regularly praying for the church, its leaders and ministries.)
  2. Presence (Regular participation in worship, study and service.)
  3. Gifts (Supporting the church financially and with the talents God has given us.)
  4. Service (Volunteering alongside fellow members to support the ministries of the church.)
  5. Witness (Seeking to consistently demonstrate the love of Christ through our words and actions.)

You can find our Church Membership Rack Card located in the information centers at Castleton Worship Center.

If you are interested in joining Castleton UMC, please contact Myra Jean Duff at 317-849-2947 or,

Weddings are an integral part of the ministries of Castleton United Methodist Church. Your choice of our church as the setting for your wedding ceremony is your personal affirmation that you share the interpretation of marriage the church has traditionally taught and upheld.

We hope the beauty of the Sanctuary enhances the dignity and meaning of the ceremony.

If you are interested in having your wedding at our Castleton Worship Center, located at 71st & Shadeland download our brochure for additional information. If you have other questions, or to check the availability of a date please contact

Castleton United Methodist Church traces its beginning back to 1843 when the church was organized under Rev. James T. Wright.  Rev. Wright, his relatives and some early settlers met in his home for worship.

Our church moved to its current location in the 1960’s.  After land was purchased, construction began on the new church, which included an education wing and fellowship hall.  These were dedicated in 1968.  Since that time, there have been several changes and additions, with the most recent being completion of our new sanctuary space in 2007.

In 1968, Castleton began a weekday ministry for children, Castleton United Methodist Nursery School (CUMNS).  This ministry provides care for children ages six-weeks through kindergarten.  Since 1988, CUMNS has been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

In 2011, Castleton began Still Waters Adult Day Center, providing weekday care that includes health, social, recreational and therapeutic activities.  They are a member of the Indiana Association of Adult Day Services.

CUMNS and Still Waters are representative of our congregation’s commitment to missions and to reaching out to share the love of Christ with others in tangible, and practical, ways.