Leadership Team

Senior Pastor
Leadership Team Chair
Generosity Chair
Staff Parish Chair
Trustee Chair
Leadership Team Member
Leadership Team Member
Leadership Team Member
Leadership Team Member
Treasurer (Ex-Officio)

Nominations Committee

(2018) – Jenny Byerly, Chester Bailey, Angela Wire
(2019) – Gary Keithley,
(2020) – Jim Warden, Judy Burch, Katie Snider

Leadership Team (Governing Board)

(2020) – Mary Carson, Chair
(2018) – Deb McCloud, Generosity Finance Chair
(2019) – Ron Miller, Staff Parish Relations Chair
(2020) – Mark Unland, Trustee Chair

Leadership Team Members

(2018) – Kim Paulus-Tauriainen, Larry Burch
(2019) – James Hinshaw
(2020) – Chris Heylman, Kim Paulus-Tauriainen, Recording Secretary
(2017) – David Ayers, Church Treasurer (Ex-Officio)                                

Ex-Officio with vote on Leadership Team

Pastor Jen S. Gibbs, Senior Pastor

Chair Members
Pastor Jen S. Gibbs
(2016) Margaret Craft, Suzanne Keithley
(2017) Sara Ellsworth, Gary Keithley, Dotsie Longworth, Keith Butler, Rachel Anderson
(2018) Jenny Byerly, Chester Bailey, Angela Tevebaugh
CUMNS Tricia Eyer

Not Pictured:
Kristy Duff
John Longworth

Lay Members to Annual Conference (2013 – 2017) – Ron and Genie Miller

Recording Secretary Charge Conference – Deb McCloud
Assistant Recording Secretary Charge Conference – Deanne Heidrich

Church Historian – Connie Schneider

Team Leaders
Missions – Cristy Catt
Live Nativity – Kathy Rima
Endowment – Larry Burch
Ushers – Scott Welch
Communion – Carole & Frank Craig
Prayer Coordinator – Karen Powell

Administrative Assistant to Associate Pastor – Cindy Dinwiddie
Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor – Myra Jean Duff
Family Ministries – Tandy Adams, Director
CUMNS Kids Director- Yvette Wills
Director of Adult Discipleship – Jonathan Cruz
Facilities Manager – James Gettz
Music Ministry – Dr. John Perkins, Director
Operations – Wayne Derr
Still Waters Adult Day Center Assistant Director – Amy Hogan
Still Waters Adult Day Center Director – Kathy Pellman

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