April 21 Event

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September Event

Tim Swarens’ Human Trafficking articles coming out this month. The first column in the project is now scheduled to post Jan. 23.  There are 10 columns and 19 videos. The last column is scheduled to post Feb. 16. Hunter Smith, the former Colt, and his band wrote and recorded a song for the project. The music video featuring the song will serve as a promo for the project. It will post on Sunday, Jan. 21. The project will be featured on USAToday.com and across the national network (109 sites). We’ll have a permanent project page on indystar.com (indystar.com/exploited) that will go live on Jan. 21. Tim Swarens spoke at CUMC last September, at our Human Trafficking Awareness Event (Seen above).

Tim Swarens is an Opinion Editor at the IndyStar; he has completed his long-term project which investigates child sex trafficking, domestically and abroad. Swarens’ work focused on how the demand side of trafficking creates a lucrative market for children to be sold millions of times a year.

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