Castleton Kids is a fun place to spend your time. Our volunteers are always blessed by the time they spend to help kids grow as disciples of Jesus. Volunteers do not need to be parents to be involved. In fact, it is very valuable to a child’s spiritual journey to have multiple trusted adults who minister to them. Volunteers do need to submit an application and have an annual background check.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Preschool Sundays Leader – 9:20-10:45am or 10:45-12:15am one Sunday a month for one semester – Receive activity plans ahead of time via email, arrive at 9:20 for 9:40 service or 10:40 for 11:00 service, all materials will be ready. Lead activities for group of preschool children.
  • K-4th Small Group Leader – 9:20-10:45am 2-4 Sundays a month for one school year. Trial periods available. Act as a mentor to a group of around 10 children at a particular grade level, participating with them in Power Up large group and leading preplanned activities for 30-45 minutes to help kids apply Power Up lesson to daily life. All materials including suggested script provided.
  • A/V Tech Assistant – 9:30-10:00am one or more Sundays a month – Runs audio/visual equipment (slideshow, projector, sound system) during Sunday morning programming
  • CK Buddy – 9:40-10:45am Sundays – Participates side-by-side with a child who needs extra attention, prefer one-year commitment to weekly attendance (or almost weekly)
  • Plug In Leader – 9:15-9:45am one or more Sundays a month – Plays pre-planned games with kids as they are entering Family Life Center so they are engaged immediately
  • Check in Assistant – 9:15-9:45am one or more Sundays a month – Monitors a check in station, welcoming families and assisting visitors
  • Floater – 9:40-10:45am one or more Sundays a month – Participates in Power Up from 9:40-10:00 and receives a group assignment at 10:00. Maybe our 2nd grade normally has 7 kids and today we have 12—you would go provide extra support to that Small Group Leader
  • Nursery Greeter – 8:15-8:45, 9:15-9:45, or 10:45-11:15 one or more Sundays – A smiling face to welcome families to the Nursery, this person would assist with digital check in and room assignment.
  • Supply Assistant – anytime one or more hours a month – Gather supplies from storage areas needed for Sunday mornings so they are available to Small Groups. Could be arranged anytime during the week.

Email Tandy Adams, Director of Family Ministries, for more information about any of the above.