Laying A Foundation For Our Future


How To Pledge

Step 1:

Begin with prayer

Step 2:

Assess your income and current giving.

Step 3:

Reflect on how you can increase your pledge for 2023 to lay a foundation for our future

Step 4:

Set your 2023 financial pledge and commitment

Pledging FAQ

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a commitment and promise of financial gifts to Castleton to support our ministries in the coming year.

Why is it important to pledge?

Giving is an essential spiritual exercise that gives us the opportunity to respond to God’s gifts in our lives. Our financial pledge allows Castleton to plan for the next year’s budget. Our budget reflects the vision and future of our church. The pledge that we offer helps us lay a foundation for our future, not just in the coming year but in years to come.

How do I determine an amount?

Prayerfully consider how God is inviting you to invest in the life of the church. Reflect on your financial picture and consider how God calls you to make a tithe (10%) of your income (Lev 27: 30-34).

Perhaps your response is to increase your pledge by 1% or 2%, or 5%. Maybe God is calling you to give beyond a tithe.

Whatever we pledge to give, we are invited to give with joy to the work of God at Castleton UMC.



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