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Join us for worship, disciplship, and service.  This is your opportunity to come together and make a differene in someone’s life.

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Sunday Mornings at Castleton

9:00am | Traditional Worship

10:00am | Discipleship Hour

11:00am | Contemporary Worship

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Mission Monday: Women’s Prison Luncheon

CUMC will host our annual Mother’s Day Luncheon at the Indiana Women’s Prison for the inmates and their children involved in the Family Preservation Program on Saturday, May 4th. We need approximately 30 volunteers to set up, serve food, and help with...

Mission Monday: Share-LT

Share-LT, a homegrown outreach of Castleton UMC and generously supported by your mission giving!! Share was begun right here at Castleton UMC as an outreach to teens in our local school district (MSD of Lawrence Township).  In 2013, as part of our Fruitful...

What’s So Amazing About Grace?

What’s so amazing about grace? Christians often use the word grace when we talk about what God has done for us. Christians also use the word grace when we talk about how we are to relate to one another. But what is grace, really? And how might our faith be...