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Making Connections & Building Community

for over 180 years

Taken from behind the pews, a mother is shown holding her young daughter on her shoulder while the worship team leads on stage.

Few things are more important than the connections we make in life.

Often, they can influence and even predict our life’s trajectory. Yet, too often, we don’t know where to find a place to build the deep and meaningful connections we desire outside of the places our children are active. That can leave us feeling anxious and unfulfilled.

At Castleton United Methodist Church, we believe you are meant to be seen and known. That is why we work to connect you to meaningful relationships that enrich life for you and your family.

Want to know more about our historic church? Check out our history page!

Meet the Staff

Meet the Board

A positive presence in the Castleton area since 1843

Meet the Castleton UMC Staff

Every day, our staff works to help you build relationships with God, each other, and our community. Say hi to us on a Sunday morning, or use the form below to contact a staff member directly.

Pastor Matt Landry Headshot

Matt Landry

Senior Pastor

Chris Croyts headshot

Chris Croyts

Director of Discipleship

Meg Jones Headshot

Meg Jones

Director of Family Ministries

Dr. John Perkins Headshot

Dr. John Perkins

Dir. of Music

Terri Macri Headshot

Teri Macri

New Member Coordinator

Amy Leonhard Headshot

Amy Leonhard

Dir. of Operations & Admin.

Michael Duff Headshot

Michael Duff

Accounting Manager

Diana Keely Headshot

Diana Keely

Dir. Still Waters Adult Day Center

Yvette Wills Headshot

Yvette Wills

Dir. of CUMNSKids

Nina Lee Hecko Headshot

Nina Lee Hecko


Diana Singleton-Kohlman

Pastoral Counselor

Meet the Castleton UMC Governance Board

Our Governance Board is made up of church members who were nominated and approved to serve in the highest leadership roles of the church. They are responsible for keeping the church on the path toward our mission, vision, and values, as well as overseeing things like staffing, facilities, finances, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on our board with questions or concerns. 

Kathryn Loheide Headshot

Kathryn Loheide

Board Chair

Mary Kleiman Headshot

Mary Kleiman

Staff-Parish Liason

David Ayres Headshot

David Ayers


Daniel Glass Headshot

Daniel Glass


Kyleigh Gerlach Headshot

Kyleigh Gerlach

Board Member

Reashea Reed Headshot

Reashea Reed

Board Member

Susan Mendenhall

Board Member

Linda Bailey

Board Member

Mark Unland Headshot

Mark Unland


Garry Rollins Headshot

Garry Rollins

Board Member

Meredith Wilson Headshot

Meredith Wilson

Board Member

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