Dr. John Perkins

Director of Music

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Through his work as a choral musician, Dr. John Perkins has had the great privilege of working in the Middle East and performing many music traditions that do not represent his white, North American upbringing.

Corporate music-making and worship of God must not only include music from many identities, but the group must make actionable changes that represent Love Incarnate.

Here, in Indianapolis, our church represents a part of our local community but seeks a more complete understanding of the depth and breadth of God’s extended, open arms. John endeavors to direct a music ministry that fulfills and disrupts our faith toward the outstretched ministry of God’s kingdom.

Dr. Perkins’ full-time appointment is at Butler University as the Associate Director of Choral Activities and Associate Professor of Music.

His teaching, research, and service activities there center around abolitionist music pedagogy, whiteness, choral music education, and de-colonizing music curricula.

Through choral singing, he has interacted with choirs across the globe and in our local community, which sing for much more than staged performances—for ritual, healing, spirituality, peacebuilding, identity, and solidarity, among others. This fulfillment outside of the “choral” paradigm has been the center of his published articles and conference presentations, as well as his daily work with singers at Butler and Castleton.

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