Scouting at Castleton UMC

Helping kids become strong leaders

Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts in Castleton Indianapolis

We all want our children to become strong and compassionate adults.

As technology use increases, many of our children just aren’t learning the skills and character traits needed to become the adults they are capable of becoming.

Scouting fills a needed gap in their lives!

Scouting gives children the skills and character needed to thrive

Independence through scouting


Scouting teaches our children to become strong and independent adults. They learn the skills needed to take care of themselves and others.
Leadership through scouting


Scouting helps form our children into strong leaders in their families, churches, and communities. They learn what makes a good leader.

Life Skills through Scouting

Life Skills

Scouting teaches students many of the life skills that aren’t taught anymore in schools. They learn how to cook, fix clothes, render first aid, and much more.

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