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Rev. Jen S. Gibbs - June 6, 2021

"Abraham and the Unknown" - Rev. Jen S. Gibbs

"Hang on to the promises. Read the promises. Say the promises. Repeat the promises. Remember the promises. Stand on the promises of God when nothing else seems sure and know, they are sure enough to hold you. All the way through. Yesterday. Today and Tomorrow. And the God. Who always, always keeps his promises is and will hold you. And carrying you through." - Rev. Jen S. Gibbs Rev. Jen S. Gibbs begins our new series on the life of Abraham.

Scripture References: Genesis 12:1-9

From Series: "Friend of God"

Abraham’s life ripples through all of history today. His relationship with God is a calling. Abraham is invited to trust God and go on a journey into the unknown. It ends with Abraham passing the baton in succession to the next leaders. The most significant demand God makes on Abraham is that he and his descendants totally commit to a belief in one and only one God. This is the foundation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Abrahamic Covenant is central to the whole of the Bible. In chapters 12 and 15 God promises Abraham a land, descendants and blessing. This blessing promised to Abraham would extend through him to all the peoples of the earth. There are many provocative and controversial texts which include Sodom and Gomorrah, the entire story of Lot, the story of Hagar and her son, and of course the proposed sacrifice of Abraham’s son, Isaac. Because this is a summer series, and because of time limitations I selected just one of those stories; the proposed sacrifice of Isaac.

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