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Be Connected

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Meaningful connections

Too often, as adults, we struggle to find meaningful connections in life.

Our relationships tend to come from places like work or activities our children are involved in. Inevitably, those seasons change, leaving us feeling unsettled and disconnected.

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We believe you are meant to be seen and known

That is why, at Castleton UMC, we work to connect you to meaningful and lasting relationships that enrich life for you and your family.

Strong Relationships

The people we surround ourselves with can impact the trajectory of our lives. We help you find strong relationships that make your life better.

Firm Support

Life certainly has its ups and downs. With strong relationships as your support system, you’re free to pursue the life you are called to live.

Solid Foundation

Our world has been nothing if not uncertain in recent years. The relationships you have should provide certainty and security in your life.

“Castleton UMC has been a fantastic community partner for us! From participating in public safety walks, hosting our Crime Summits, to helping organize and staff the Mobile Food Pantry with volunteers and MUCH more; we know we can always rely on CUMC to step up when a need arises.”

North Shadeland Alliance

Making connections doesn’t have to be difficult

We offer three simple ways to connect with people in the church and surrounding community. Jump in wherever you feel comfortable!


Connect Socially

We offer regular opportunities for you to connect socially with people in our community. Easily drop in and out of these community events to meet new people.

Connect Meaningfully

Participate in activities that help you begin to formulate deeper relationships with people in the church and surrounding community.

Connect Spiritually

When you are ready, we offer many opportunities for you to grow in your faith, and in community with others.
Lent with John

Who, or what, are we becoming?

The 19th-century English poet and painter stated, “We become what we behold.” This begs the question, what are we beholding? Or, what are we giving our attention to…what is occupying our mind?

The season of Lent is a good time to pay attention to what we pay attention to and make necessary adjustments.

Read along with us through the Gospel of John. Join a Table Group for discussion and conversation about Jesus. Worship with us as we focus on the source of peace, joy, and hope. Let’s see what we become as we behold Jesus together.

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