30 Days of Catch: Day 27 with Randy Reid

by | Aug 28, 2023 | 30 Days of Catch to Strikeout Hunger, Pastor's Blog

How about one more game of catch at Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians, before I wrap up the month? After today’s ballgame between Indy and the Iowa Cubs, I met up with church member and Victory Field usher, Randy Reid. I see him often at church and at the ballpark! 

Randy has been an usher for the last 3 seasons, something he really enjoys. I have told him a few times that he has my dream retirement job! Growing up a Reds fan and the Big Red Machine, he really liked fellow catcher Johnny Bench. Randy shared that his dad passed away when he was young, but he has fond memories of his mom giving him the play-by-play after the Reds games that he had missed. 

Even though he’s a Reds fan, today you can see him cheering on his Indians in the section behind Homeplate. Did I mention he has my dream retirement gig? He was even named employee of the month. Randy is athletic too. He not only grew up playing baseball but has run the Indy Mini several times. That’s how he runs up and down the steps of his section so well today as an usher. 

We tossed the ball back and forth in a shaded area out in front of Victory Field with two crazy boys with plenty of energy from sugar and baseball running wild. I noticed his glove, which was a new one to me. It was an old catcher’s glove with lots of padding or at least way more than mine. I need that glove when I play catch with a high school softball player tomorrow! 

Not only is Randy a runner, but I learned recently that he is a singer too. He sang in our choir for several years and as some men in his Saturday morning table group recently remarked at a ballgame, “Randy always sang well and with a smile on his face!” It’s the same when serving as an usher too. 

I really appreciate Randy’s joy, kindness, and infectious smile! And his willingness to join me for a game of catch after the Indians close 2-1 victory over the visiting Cubs. The rest of the week gives me homefield advantage except for tomorrow, which takes me back to Lawrence North High School. I need to find a catcher’s glove! 

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Also, don’t forget to invite family and friends to join me for my Final Day of Catch Party behind the main church building near the playgrounds on Thursday, August 31st from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. We will welcome Rowdie, the awesome mascot from the Indianapolis Indians, and will give out free popsicles. Join us for the celebration! 

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Get outside. Play catch. Find something that brings joy and a smile to your face. 

Thank you for supporting Gleaners and following my 30 days of catch!