Opening Prayer for Indiana State Senate Session

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Pastor's Blog

On March 21, 2023, Pastor Matt Landry had the opportunity to open the day’s legislative session at the Indiana Statehouse with prayer. He shared the following prayer:

I would like to say to our Muslim brothers and sisters a blessed Ramadan since that begins this week. And to our Christian brothers and sisters a blessed Lent. As a way to honor the faith traditions throughout our state, I would like to begin with a brief moment of silence before I offer prayer in my tradition, which is the Christian faith. Let us hold a brief moment of silence…..

moment of silence

Almighty God of all nations and people, as we gaze upon the grandeur of this beautiful building, remind us that you are beyond what we can build alone and that you watch over us with love and care.

We come before you, Lord, grateful for the gifts that you have bestowed on us. This includes our system of government, one that is designed to ensure the fullest possible participation of the people in the decisions that impact their lives. May we honor this gift, protect it, and use it on behalf of the interests of all.

Today, I pray over those who are in the offices that govern our state, our Senators, Representatives and our Governor. May you guide them in their service that they would make wise decisions which are always in the best interests of all people, decisions that bring equality and justice for all and would create a state where everyone knows they are valued, cared for, and celebrated within all their diversity. May we foster an environment where we respect the unique dignity of every person. 

Lord, give us the ability to not seek simple answers to complex problems, nor seek to deflect blame onto others. May we recognize that it’s in submitting ourselves in service and love to others that power reaches perfection.Give us the grace to listen to one another and then work together beyond partisanship and anything that might divide us. Unite us together in a spirit of love that calls us to not hoard our riches or ignore those in need. Help us create a place where everyone has sound employment, a roof over their heads, stomachs filled with goodness, and hearts filled with love. This is a vision of your Kingdom and our prayer for our state. May it be so. In the name of Jesus our Christ we pray. Amen.