Rev. Jen S. Gibbs - July 11, 2021

"When We Are In Need" Rev. Jen S. Gibbs

"It’s the spaces and places to admit our shared human need. It’s where he’s going. The river with all the common people who also have needs. Very human lives with very human needs." Rev. Jen S. Gibbs explores what it meant for Naaman to find humility in the River Jordan; the waters of grace.

Scripture References: 2 Kings 5:1-19

From Series: "Water Works"

In the summer we go to the water. We play in the sprinklers. We spend hours at the pool or by the lake. Watersports are a regular pastime. We trek our way to the ocean and stay as long as possible to watch the sunrise and sunset over that body of water. It maybe, because it’s hot and we need to cool off in a body of water. Or maybe it’s warm enough so that we can finally enjoy the water we to which we are so drawn. Maybe we are drawn to the water because we want to cool off and we want to play. Or maybe we are drawn to the water because it is sacred. It has always been sacred and summer months are when we finally get to answer the call to the water’s edge. Extraordinary God has always worked through ordinary things. Bread and wine. God in an ordinary carpenter from a small town, named Jesus. And water. Since the beginning when the Ruah hovered over the waters of creation, God has worked in and with, and through the water. This series we’ll take stories of water and consider how an extraordinary God works through ordinary means. We’ll come to the waters each Sunday, and then the last Sunday of July, we’ll come to the waters of our baptism to reclaim God’s gifts to us and remember our baptismal covenant.

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