Unadulterated Joy

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Pastor's Blog

I was driving down Shadeland the other day and noticed something quite peculiar, but probably not rare. I was stopped at a stoplight and noticed something sticking its head out of a car’s sunroof. As it got closer, the most joyful creature on earth at that moment in time came into view.

What I noticed was the unadulterated joy of a large dog with his tongue out slapping the side of his head and the air blowing through his hair. He was having the time of his life! It was almost as if he was smiling at every passing car.

I used the word “unadulterated” to describe his joy because it means it’s completely pure and has nothing added to it. That dog had the purest joy and needed nothing else at that moment.

How often do we experience such unadulterated joy?

It made me reflect on my own life. Am I living a life of joy? When do I have the most joy in my life?

I can point to moments when I have held my boys, locked eyes, smiled, and they just erupted into laughter. There are moments as we have worshipped together where I felt joy and peace and didn’t need anything else to make that moment complete. There have been moments when I have been deep in prayer for and with someone and just felt God’s joy overcome us both.

It’s good to reflect on the joy that God places on our hearts at times. I wouldn’t have guessed that a dog enjoying a car ride would have prompted such a thought, but isn’t that the case with God?

There is great joy in the unexpected moments that God brings to mind. There is great and unadulterated joy in the smallest of things. Psalm 32: 11, “Rejoice in the Lord and be glad” today and always!